In a dazzling display of their skills, the spirited Journalism students embarked on a captivating adventure beyond the confines of their classroom. Armed with cutting-edge camera gear, their lenses poised to capture every detail, the students ventured into the outdoors. Like reporters, they fearlessly approached unsuspecting passersby, armed not with swords but with probing questions. Each interview was a theatrical masterpiece, as the students expertly navigated the delicate dance between empathy and inquisition, their words painting vibrant portraits of the human experience. Their camera gear served as a conduit, immortalizing the captivating narratives shared by the participants they encountered, etching indelible memories of journalistic success. Thus, after their interviews they went back to their classroom to be given a lecture by Terry Bryant on how to edit their videos using the Adobe Premiere Pro software.



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Photos: Rebeca Victor for the NSLC


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