Students embark on the captivating forensic science program! The guest speaker for the day was Dr. Michelle Lansigan and she gave an exhilarating presentation on forensic science. As they dive into the world of crime investigation, their first lesson focuses on the intricate science behind gun bullet residue analysis. With meticulous precision, they learn to identify and interpret the crucial clues left behind by firearms, uncovering the secrets concealed within gunshot wounds. Moving on to the art of fingerprinting, the aspiring detectives gain expertise in the delicate process of lifting and matching prints, unraveling hidden connections between suspects and crime scenes. Guided by seasoned forensic experts, the students immerse themselves in thrilling murder cases, applying their newly acquired skills to solve complex mysteries through the game called “Kahoot”. Throughout their journey, the groups formed an unbreakable bond, inspiring one another as they explore the intricate world of forensic science.



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Photos: Rebeca Victor for the NSLC


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