Le trebuchet. Once a player in the theater of war, today the beast of burden served to facilitate communication, teamwork, and fun. Sextets scrutinized plans for their trebuchets, and since they were limited in equipment and materials, were forced to work swiftly and efficiently. Not everyone could make a trebuchet because of a split in groups. Students, however, did not fret. They instead constructed catapults that outclassed their French cousins in more ways than one. As time marched forward, the teams manifested their ideas for their machines into reality.

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ENGN2021_AU_S1_Trebuchet_Catapult_Build - [Citarella] 02_9 (2)

ENGN2021_AU_S1_Trebuchet_Catapult_Build - [Citarella] 02_7 (1)

ENGN2021_AU_S1_Trebuchet_Catapult_Build - [Citarella] 02_6

ENGN2021_AU_S1_Trebuchet_Catapult_Build - [Citarella] 02_0 (6)

ENGN2021_AU_S1_Trebuchet_Catapult_Build - [Citarella] 02_0 (3)



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