Medicine and healthcare students had the opportunity to practice surgeon skills in today’s surgical rounds activity. The activity had students rotate from station to station, where they dissected sheep hearts, drew real blood, and practiced intubating a test dummy. The purpose of this activity was for students to gain experience in areas of medicine that surgeons must know precisely.


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HEAL2021_AU_S3_Surgical_Rounds - [Citarella] 01_7 (2)

HEAL2021_AU_S3_Surgical_Rounds - [Citarella] 01_5 (8)

HEAL2021_AU_S3_Surgical_Rounds - [Citarella] 01_8 (11)

HEAL2021_AU_S3_Surgical_Rounds - [Citarella] 01_2 (9)

HEAL2021_AU_S3_Surgical_Rounds - [Citarella] 01_9 (12)

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