Month: July 2021

Clinical Rounds – Video

Click on one of the photos to view the full album. Today, the Medicine Intensive students went through their Clinical Rounds – hands […]

Time is Money

Earlier, engineering intensive students learned about the value of time. The purpose of the activity was to give students a guide to proper […]

Project Development

  Earlier, engineering intensive students worked on their final projects.  Since they have a way to go before the projects are due, most […]

Learning the Body

Click on one of the photos to view the full album! Today, the Medicine Intensive students learned more about the functions of the […]

Final Challenge

As the last activity for this session, NSEC students participated in challenges within their TA groups. They played multiple games, cheering each other […]

Breakthroughs in Nursing

Throughout the program, students have conducted lots of research and were able to put together a presentation addressing issues that currently affect the […]

Freezing Point Depression Lab

Ice cream.  This nation’s favorite creamy delight, and by far one of the best surprises in any scenario.  Because everyone loves ice cream, […]

Product Pitch Presentations

The culmination of a week’s worth of work paid off tonight.  Students gathered to present their products before the whole engineering program.   […]

Design Competition

Throughout the program, students were able to build a small model plane and drone, which they presented tonight during a design competition! Each […]


Click one of the photos to see the full album. FSCI students finally presented their testimonies today at NSLC court. After working in […]