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  The American University campus has fallen victim to a string of unsolved crimes. Watch as NSLC Forensic Science students crack the case!

VIDEO | Guest Speakers

The NSLCNSEC students reflect on their experience with guest speakers.

Baseball Game

The NSLCCOMM students go to a Nationals baseball game!    

Animation Class

NSLCCOMM students in the Animation class learn the secrets behind animation.    

Final Presentations

The NSLCEDUC students present their classroom outlines.  

The Holocaust Museum

The NSLCEDUC students look at history through the eyes of a teacher.      

Washington at Night

The NSLCBIOT students go on an evening tour of D.C.  

The Myoelectric Prosthesis

The NSLCBIOT students build a Myoelectric Prosthesis.        

Challenge Course

The NSLCCOMM students take on the Terrapin ropes course.          

In the Lab

The NSLCBIOT students get a chance to play in the biotechnology lab.