48 Second Film Festival

The NSLCCOMM students participated in a 48second Film Festival.

Surgical Rounds

The NSLCHEAL students get a chance to play with pigs feet, brains and eyes — OH MY!      

Live From the Heart

The NSLCHEAL students watch anĀ open heart surgery with Dr. M.  

Guest Speaker: Captain Paul Jung, MD

NSLCHEAL students listen to Captain Paul Jung, Associate Director of Health Services U.S. Peace Corps Office, U.S Public Health Service.      

Clinical Diagnostics

The NSLCHEAL students experience how to deal with patients.

Newsroom Simulation

The #NSLCCOMM students experience what it is like to be in a newsroom when there is BREAKING NEWS!  

#NSLCSUMMER2015 Begins!

The 2015 NSLC summer begins with Journalism, Film and Media Arts, International Diplomacy and Intelligence and National Security!