Breaking into the Industry!

GAME students had a leadership focused session led by their TAs about navigating yourself to be successful in the game industry, which included […]

VIDEO | Guest Speakers!

HEAL had two wonderful guest speakers come to talk them about their experience through schooling and potential career paths that they could take. […]

Commitment in Action

Forensic Science students moved and grooved to the beat during Commitment in Action today!

Commitment in Action!

HEAL students had a leadership session with A’ric about Commitment and making a promise to yourself!


PSYC students performed neurosurgery on cockroaches to be controlled with an app at closing ceremony! Here are their thoughts on the activity!  

Sea Perch Testing

Engineering students prepared their materials for sea perch testing today! Tomorrow they conduct the test in the pool.

Active Investigation 2

Forensic science students are on the case, analyzing evidence from crime scenes!

Commitment in Action

Watch as students in the Political Action & Public Policy program walk show off their unique moves during Commitment in Action!

Communication Intensive!

PSYC students had another Leadership session with A’ric where they learned all about communication!

VIDEO | Surgical Rounds!

HEAL students reflect on their experience suturing and dissecting in their Surgical Rounds with Dr. M!