Today cyber students participated in workshops! ┬áThe highly specialized workshops introduced students to areas of cybersecurity such as blockchain, key configuration, and and […]

Lab #1

Through multiple hands-on activities, fun videos, and interactive games, FSCI students were able to learn about different fields of forensic science, such as […]

Opening Ceremony!

Today, students were able to learn more about the different branches of communications and what to expect for the next nine days. They […]


AERO students had the opportunity to test their team work and communication skills at tonights NSLC Opening Ceremony. ┬áThe students teamed up and […]


PSYC students met with their team advisors and leadership facilitators tonight at the opening ceremony!


Jumping right in! Today, students were able to learn how to pipette, giving them hands-on experience and a look into the field of […]

NSLC Opening Ceremony

HEAL students participated in a fun night of charades with important medical terms, and heard from their team advisors, program directors, and a […]

NSLC Opening Ceremony

FSCI students met with their staff and leadership facilitator today at their opening ceremony!

NSLC Opening Ceremony

FINT students are ready for an amazing 18 days ahead of them after their opening ceremony, where they heard from their staff and […]

NSLC Opening Ceremony

CYBR students participated in a security activity at their opening ceremony!