Congress Simulation

JNSLC GOVT students had the chance to draft their own bills, and present them to “congress” to be voted on!


Forensic science students toured the Drug Enforcement Administration today!

Personality Matrix

Biotechnology students explored aspects of their personality during a leadership session!


JNSLC STEM students had an out-of-this-world time blasting off to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Visitor Center!

Federalist Simulation

JNSLC GOVT students took on opposing sides as federalists and anti-federalists during their first U.S. History and Government simulation!

Challenge Course

JNSLC students had a blast getting to know one another and learning to work together at the challenge course!

National Security Council

NSEC students had their first official meeting of the National Security Council simulation.


JNSLC STEM students participated in hands-on experiments to learn about polymers during their first Science & Technology activity!

Leadership Session | Goal Setting

During their first leadership session today, JNSLC students learned all about goal setting and time management!

Opening Ceremony

Today the first group of Junior NSLC students arrived to campus! One half will be exploring topics in U.S. History & Government, and […]