Community Build

Forensic science students did Community Build and more Forensic Skill sessions today before heading to Six Flags!

Newsroom Simulation

COMM students had to respond to a breaking news scenario and write articles, live tweet, and ultimately create a news package in this […]

VIDEO | Commitment in Action!

HEAL students had a leadership session about commitment! Here’s some of their thoughts on the experience!  

Genetic Engineering

Watch students in the Biotechnology program work with DNA!

Commitment in Action

Watch as students in Game Design experience Commitment in Action!

48 Second Film Festival!

COMM students had two hours to write, direct, and edit a complete 48 second film with a random genre!

Clinical Rounds!

HEAL students went to four different workshops dealing with various topics from heartbeat readings, invisible germs, EMT training, and draining abscess!

Ballistics and Blood Splatter Analysis

Forensic Science students had a blast creating their own blood splatters!

Genetic Engineering

Students in Biotechnology participated in labs on genetic engineering today!

Game Design Class

Students in Game Design spent time further developing their game concepts in groups!