Category: Science & Technology (STEM)

Stop Motion Animation!

STEM students had two hours to create a thirty second stop motion film about anything STEM related!

Mousetrap Cars!

JNSLC STEM students made cars out of mouse traps, and an assortment of objects and learned about physics!

Exploring Polymers!

STEM students got a chance to create slime and do some sticky hands on learning!

Stop Motion Animation

JNSLC STEM students experimented with stop motion animation today!

Mousetrap Cars

JNSLC STEM students learned about energy and force by building and racing mousetrap cars!


Watch as JNSLC students discuss their visit to NASA Goddard Space Flight Visitor Center!

DNA Extraction

JNSLC STEM students had a “berry” good time extracting DNA from strawberries!


JNSLC STEM students had an out-of-this-world time blasting off to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Visitor Center!


JNSLC STEM students participated in hands-on experiments to learn about polymers during their first Science & Technology activity!