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VIDEO | Session 1 Recap

Watch as the first session of JNSLC students reflect on the past week they spent here!

VIDEO: Crime Scenes

Watch as Forensic Science students gather evidence at crime scenes!

VIDEO: RoboRoach

Watch as Biotechnology students work with roaches to control its nervous system!

Session 2 Recap!

NSEC students had an amazing past six days. As the session came to a close, they reflected on their experience.

VIDEO | Simulations

Watch as JNSLC GOVT students talk about their experiences with the simulations they have been participating in throughout the past week!


Watch as JNSLC students discuss their visit to NASA Goddard Space Flight Visitor Center!

National Security Council

NSEC students act as directors of departments on the National Security Council and tackle threats to our National Security in this collaborative and […]

VIDEO | Challenge Course

Watch as JNSLC students take on the challenge course!

Challenge Course!

COMM students faced fears and learned about team work at the challenge course. They reflect on their experiences here!

Session 1

It’s the end of Session 1 for the forensic science program! Students reflect on their experience: