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Rapid Prototyping

Watch as Game Design students redesign a board game during rapid prototyping!

Stop Motion Simulation!

STEM students had two hours to make a thirty second stop motion animation on a STEM related topic! Here are their thoughts on […]

Judiciary Simulation

JNSLC History and Government students had a chance to take part in a Supreme Court Simulation. Here are their thoughts on the simulation! […]

VIDEO: Session 2 Recap

Students from Forensic Science in Session 2 reflect on the past nine days at NSLC!

VIDEO | Discover the World of Communications!

COMM students reflect on their experiences in the DWC class they took, and the overall session.

VIDEO | Session 2 Recap!

HEAL students recap their memorable and amazing experience these past nine days!  

VIDEO: Playtest Session

After three days of working on their games, students in the Game Design program finally got to playtest and show off what they […]

VIDEO | Commitment in Action!

HEAL students had a leadership session about commitment! Here’s some of their thoughts on the experience!  

Genetic Engineering

Watch students in the Biotechnology program work with DNA!

Commitment in Action

Watch as students in Game Design experience Commitment in Action!