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Guest Speaker

Dr. Jason Kolowski was a guest speaker for Forensic Science today. See what he discussed with the students!

Rapid Prototyping

Watch as Game Design students redesign a board game during rapid prototyping!

Stop Motion Simulation!

STEM students had two hours to make a thirty second stop motion animation on a STEM related topic! Here are their thoughts on […]

Judiciary Simulation

JNSLC History and Government students had a chance to take part in a Supreme Court Simulation. Here are their thoughts on the simulation! […]


VIDEO: Session 2 Recap

Students from Forensic Science in Session 2 reflect on the past nine days at NSLC!

VIDEO | Discover the World of Communications!

COMM students reflect on their experiences in the DWC class they took, and the overall session.

VIDEO | Session 2 Recap!

HEAL students recap their memorable and amazing experience these past nine days!  

VIDEO: Playtest Session

After three days of working on their games, students in the Game Design program finally got to playtest and show off what they […]

VIDEO | Commitment in Action!

HEAL students had a leadership session about commitment! Here’s some of their thoughts on the experience!