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VIDEO | Clinical Diagnostics!

HEAL students had to diagnose three patients with various health issues by working as a team of doctors and asking educated and medically […]

VIDEO | Clinical Diagnostics

PSYC students diagnosed their TAs with psychological and neurological disorders after three days of questioning! Check out their thoughts on the simulation!  

VIDEO | Commitment in Action!

NSEC students had to commit to themselves by dancing down an aisle while receiving the support of their peers. Check out their reflections […]

Presidential Debate

Meet the candidates for president for Political Action & Public Policy’s campaign simulation! Polls open tomorrow!

Forensic Skills

Watch Forensic Science students explore different investigative techniques during Forensic Skills!

VIDEO | Surgical Rounds!

HEAL students had four rooms with various surgical techniques! Check out their thoughts on the hands-on activity!  

Guest Speaker

Forensic Science students heard from Ms. Caitlin Udas, a medical examiner and an alumni of NSLC herself!

VIDEO | Guest Speaker!

PSYC students had a wonderful guest speaker, Dr. Herbert Geller from the National Institutes of Health come and talk with the students about […]

VIDEO | National Security Council!

NSEC students were given a role in the National Security Council and had to deal with a national crisis and work together as […]

VIDEO | Challenge Course

NSEC attended the challenge course with team building as a major focus. Check out the students’ thoughts on the experience!