Category: Quick Links

Video | Organization of American States

Watch as INTL students share their thoughts on visiting the Organization of American States.

2016 BIOT Staff

With the first session of Biotechnology starting today, its about time we introduce our BIOT staff!

VIDEO | Erin Michaels, NCIS

FSCI students had the opportunity to hear from Erin Michaels from the Office of Forensic Support for the Naval Criminal Investigative Unit.  

Video | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Watch as ENGN students talk about their experiences at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.  

VIDEO | Crime Scenes

FSCI students reflect on their experiences with their crime scene investigation simulation!

VIDEO | SiTel Medical Training Facility

HEAL students talk about what it was like visiting a facility used to train real medical professionals!

Video | Lieutenant General Grosso

Watch as Intelligence and National Security’s guest speaker, Lieutenant General Grosso talks more about her time with the students.

VIDEO | RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day

POLI students had the privilege of hearing from Sharon Day, Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee!

VIDEO | RoboRoach

Watch as PSYC students describe their experiences while participating in the RoboRoach activity!  

VIDEO | Session 1

Watch as MAST students reflect on what they learned during their time here at NSLC!