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Watch as students learn the meaning of S.M.A.R.T. Goals and use them to solve an escape room!  


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Stop Motion Simulation!

STEM students had two hours to make a thirty second stop motion animation on a STEM related topic! Here are their thoughts on […]

Judiciary Simulation

JNSLC History and Government students had a chance to take part in a Supreme Court Simulation. Here are their thoughts on the simulation! […]

Washington Monuments!

JNSLC students took a field trip to the monuments and memorials in the morning to admire and explore, and learn a little about […]

Congress Simulation!

GOVT students had to propose bills to other members in all the districts, in hopes of eventually getting their bill passed.

Stop Motion Animation!

STEM students had two hours to create a thirty second stop motion film about anything STEM related!

Judiciary Simulation!

JNSLC GOVT students were part of a reenactment of a famous court case in the Supreme Court, and had to come up with […]

Mousetrap Cars!

JNSLC STEM students made cars out of mouse traps, and an assortment of objects and learned about physics!

Federalism Simulation!

GOV students had their very first hands on Government simulation!