Category: Middle School Programs

Stop Motion Animation

JNSLC STEM students experimented with stop motion animation today!

Monument Tour

JNSLC students toured the historical monuments of Washington, D.C.!

VIDEO | Simulations

Watch as JNSLC GOVT students talk about their experiences with the simulations they have been participating in throughout the past week!

Mousetrap Cars

JNSLC STEM students learned about energy and force by building and racing mousetrap cars!

Supreme Court Simulation

JNSLC GOVT students went to “court” today during their supreme court simulation!


Watch as JNSLC students discuss their visit to NASA Goddard Space Flight Visitor Center!

Leadership Session | Public Speaking

JNSLC students learned the importance of attentive listening during their leadership session on public speaking this evening!

VIDEO | Challenge Course

Watch as JNSLC students take on the challenge course!

DNA Extraction

JNSLC STEM students had a “berry” good time extracting DNA from strawberries!

Congress Simulation

JNSLC GOVT students had the chance to draft their own bills, and present them to “congress” to be voted on!