Category: Medicine & Health Care

VIDEO | Session 3

Watch as session 3 HEAL students look back on their time here at NSLC!

VIDEO | Clinical Diagnostics

Watch as HEAL students talk about their experience during the clinical diagnostics simulation!

Dr. Darrell G. Kirch

HEAL students had the distinct pleasure of hearing from Dr. Darrell G. Kirch, President and CEO of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Commitment in Action

HEAL students started their day with an exciting leadership session!

Clinical Diagnostics

Today HEAL students met with their patients for the first time, as part of their clinical diagnostics simulation!

Surgical Rounds

HEAL students participated in dissections, suturing, and more during tonight’s surgical rounds!

Heart Disease 101

HEAL students learned about the anatomy of a heart and heart disease today!

Registration Day

Session 3 of HEAL is here!

VIDEO | Session 2

Watch as HEAL students recount their experiences here at NSLC!

VIDEO | Surgical Rounds

Watch as HEAL students describe their experience during surgical rounds!