Category: Medicine & Health Care

Medical Trivia

Tonight medicine and healthcare students gathered for medical trivia.  They learned new words, and how to use them in a future medical profession.  […]

Stop the Bleed

This afternoon medicine and healthcare students learned how to stop bleeding.  The purpose of the activity was to provide students with knowledge of […]

The Brain 101

The cellular component of tonight’s lecture was simple, the brain. Since the activity was brain-oriented, medicine and healthcare students spent their evening learning […]

Surgical Rounds

Medicine and healthcare students had the opportunity to practice surgeon skills in today’s surgical rounds activity. The activity had students rotate from station […]

Clinical Simulation

Medicine and healthcare students donned the title of Drs for the first time in today’s simulation. The essence of this simulation is simple. […]

Welcome Ceremony

This evening marked the first activity for HEAL students who filed into tonight’s welcome ceremony. The atmosphere was light and filled with energy […]

EMT Training

Emergency medical training (EMT) is the first step to becoming a paramedic. Naturally, HEAL students are ahead of the curve and practiced EMT […]

Clinical Simulation

HEAL students met with their patients one last time during today’s clinical diagnostic simulation. Since this was the last meeting, the patients revealed […]

Clinical Simulations

Today, students in the HEAL program participated in a clinical diagnostic simulation (CDS). Medical simulation allow for the acquisition of clinical skills through […]

Surgical Rounds

HEAL students had the opportunity to work as surgeons in their surgical rounds activity. The activity had students rotate from station to station, […]