Category: Medicine & Health Care

Washington At Night

HEAL and NURS students took to the monuments during Washington at Night. From the Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, MLK Memorial, World War II […]

EMT Skills Simulation

HEAL and NURS students were surprised with an emergency situation in the parking garage. Their TAs were coincidentally run over by a very […]

EMT Rounds & Geriatrics

HEAL students learned about how EMTs respond in emergency situations, practicing with c-collars, EMT bags, and hypothetical crisis scenarios. Later, they put on […]

Surgical Rounds

HEAL and NURS students participated in surgical rounds today, getting their hands (metaphorically) dirty by suturing pigs’ feet, dissecting sheep hearts and cow […]

Leadership Session: Personality Matrix

Students continued to learn more about themselves and each other through the challenge course and the personality matrix with our leadership facilitator. With […]

Surgical Rounds

HEAL students participated in a series of surgical rounds, suturing pigs’ feet, dissecting sheep hearts and cow eyes, conducting a venipuncture procedure, and […]

EMT Workshop

HEAL students to the rescue at today’s EMT response simulation! A terrible natural disaster has left the TA’s injured and in need of […]

Medicine Practices

Today, HEAL students were able to learn about Laparoscopy, public health, pathology, and medical terminology all through interactive lectures and hands-on activities!   […]

Commitment in Action!

Today, HEAL students attended a leadership session where they demonstrated just how committed they are to their goals. By participating in ‘Commitment in […]

Day in the Life of a Surgeon

Today, HEAL students were able to hear from the Medicine and Health Care Academic Director, Dr. Richard Marfuggi, who also specialized in plastic […]