Category: Medicine & Health Care

Ice Cream Social

After a long first full day of activities, HEAL students enjoyed some well deserved ice cream!

Registration Day

Welcome to NSLC, HEAL students!

2016 HEAL Staff

Guest Speaker Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy

HEAL and PSYC students listen to Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy U.S. Surgeon General, Department of Health and Human Services.    

Guest Speaker: Dr. Collins, Director of the NIH

The NSLCHEAL and NSLCPSYC students listen to the Director of the National Institute of Health, Dr. Collins.

Clinical Diagnostics: The Diagnosis

The NSLCHEAL students give their patients their diagnosis.

SiTel Visit

The NSLCHEAL students visit The Simulation Training & Education Lab (SiTEL).

Guest Speaker Dr. Francis Collins

HEAL and PSYC students listen to Dr. Francis Collins, MD, PhD Director National Institutes of Health.

Washington at Night

The NSLCHEAL students explore Washington D.C. at Night   

Clinical Diagnostics

The NSLCHEAL students meet their patients and begin to try to diagnose them.