Category: Medicine & Health Care

Surgical Rounds

Our HEAL students spent the morning participating in surgical rounds in which they got some hands-on experience with sheep heart and cow eye […]

Challenge Course

Recently, our HEAL students had the opportunity to conquer the University of Maryland’s challenge course! They participated in team-building activities, enhanced their communication […]

Clinical Diagnostics

HEAL students participated in a diagnostics simulation where they were able to experience what it would be like to talk to patients in […]

Intro to Health Care

Our medicine and health care students enjoyed their first full day by learning a bit of everything! From understanding diagnostic imaging, to detailing […]

Health Rotations

Today, HEAL students were able to learn about Microscopes, Sports medicine, and nutrition all through interactive lectures and hands-on activities! CLICK HERE TO […]


HEAL students learned about how EMTs respond in emergency situations, practicing with c-collars, EMT bags, and tracheal intubation. These workshops allowed students to […]

Guest Speaker: Dr. Nicole Lang

MINT and HEAL students had the opportunity to meet Dr. Nicole Lang, a board-certified pediatrician with over 26 years of experience in pediatrics […]

Surgical Rounds – Pig Feet Suturing

HEAL students gained hands on experience in suturing by practicing on a pigs foot and learning about the different techniques that can be […]

Session One Recap Video

Public Health Symposium

HEAL students dressed up in professional attire and delivered presentations on various public health topics of concern. Our PD, TAs, and other students […]