Category: Medicine & Health Care

Clinical Diagnostics

HEAL students had a blast during their first round of clinical diagnostics today!

Challenge Course

HEAL students conquered the challenge course today!

Registration Day

A brand new batch of HEAL students arrived today. Welcome to NSLC!

VIDEO | Session 1 Recap

Watch as HEAL students look back on their time here at NSLC!

Lamere & Kia Buchanan

HEAL students had the pleasure of hearing from Lamere and Kia Buchanan, both former TAs for NSLC, and current medical professionals!

Clinical Diagnostics

HEAL students worked with “patients” today during their clinical diagnostics simulation!

Commitment in Action

HEAL students made a commitment to bettering themselves as leaders during today’s leadership workshop!

SiTel Medical Training Facility

Some HEAL students got to try their hand at a variety of different techniques used in the healthcare industry today at SiTel.

Surgical Rounds

HEAL students had the opportunity to practice suturing & drawing blood and to dissect cow eyes & sheep hearts during surgical rounds tonight!

VIDEO | Challenge Course

HEAL students learned the value of communication and trust at yesterday’s challenge course! Check it out: