Category: Medicine & Health Care

Commitment in Action!

HEAL had a blast making a commitment, while dancing down a line with their fellow students’ support!

VIDEO | Johns Hopkins!

HEAL students went to the Johns Hopkins Medical Simulation Center! Check out their thoughts on the trip!  

Johns Hopkins University!

HEAL students went to Johns Hopkins Medical Simulation Center and heard the Dean and CEO come and talk to them!

Washington at Night!

HEAL students had the NSLC tradition of visiting the Memorials and Monuments at night!

VIDEO | Clinical Rounds!

HEAL students had four workshops dedicated to typical clinical practices! Check out their thoughts on the workshops below!  

Active Listening!

HEAL students had a Leadership Session with A’ric about the fundamentals of communication, and how it impacts even the most basic of conversations.

VIDEO | Clinical Diagnostics!

HEAL students had to diagnose three patients with various health issues by working as a team of doctors and asking educated and medically […]

Clinical Rounds!

HEAL students go through a series of workshops with hands-on experience learning medical practices including draining abscesses, taking a heartbeat, invisible germs, and […]

VIDEO | Surgical Rounds!

HEAL students had four rooms with various surgical techniques! Check out their thoughts on the hands-on activity!  

Commitment in Action!

HEAL students had another leadership session with A’ric about committing by dancing down the line while your peers cheer you on.