Category: Medicine & Health Care

Heart Disease 101

HEAL students had a fun, informative, and awesome session with their TAs in Heart Disease 101!

Washington at Night!

HEAL students explored the historical memorials and monuments this evening!

Clinical Diagnostics

HEAL students had their first round at clinical diagnostics! With three rooms of various diseases and disorders, the students had to diagnose the […]

Video Blog: Clinical Diagnostics

HEAL students observed several patients and through questioning and research, diagnosed them in this simulation.  

Commitment in Action

HEAL students had a leadership session today which involved dancing and committing.

Video Blog: Clinical Rounds

HEAL students give their thoughts about this hands on learning experience!

Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center

HEAL students had a remarkable opportunity with professionals at Johns Hopkins today and participated in real medical simulations.

Surgical Rounds

Students got super hands on using real medical equipment in their Surgical Rounds simulation.

VIDEO | Session 4 Recap

Watch as HEAL students recount their experiences here at NSLC!


HEAL students visited SiTel Medical Training Facility today, where they participated in many simulations including birth, laparoscopic surgery, and more!