Category: International Diplomacy

Registration Day

The fourth and final group of INTL students arrived today. Welcome to NSLC!

VIDEO | Session 3

Watch as session three INTL students reflect on their time here at NSLC!

U.S. Department of State

INTL students visited the State Department today.

Guest Speaker | Ambassador of Belgium

His Excellency Ambassador Johan Verbeke spoke to INTL students this morning.

NGO/IGO Presentations

INTL students gave their NGO/IGO presentations today.

Cross Cultural Simulation

INTL students learned what it is like to communicate with new cultures tonight during their Cross Cultural Simulation.

World Simulation

INTL students continue to develop their countries during the World Simulation.

Guest Speaker | Colman McCarthy

INTL students had the pleasure of hearing from Mr. Colman McCarthy, Director of the Center for Teaching Peace.

Security Councils

INTL students were hard at work during security councils today!

World Simulation

INTL students during their World Simulation session tonight!