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Game Design Class

GAME students got their first taste of game design with their introduction to Unity, a program designed to build landscapes. A great game […]

Registration Day!

Welcome to NSLC Game Design Session II students! We are so excited to have you here!  

Departure Day

Thank you Game Design students for a fantastic Session I! Here’s a look back at some of the great moments of Session I! […]

Game Test

Work hard, play hard! Game design students debuted their finished games to major success! Every game was a great testiment to the time […]

Firaxis Games

Listen as #NSLCGAME students tell us more about their field trip to Firaxis Games.

Firaxis Field Trip

With their final game designs well under way, students got the chance tour Firaxis Games! There they learned from the experts behind the […]

Pitching Ideas

It’s almost game time! #NSLCGAME students presented their ideas for their original game design and delegated tasks to help accomplish their goals!  

Dyadic Encounter

A team is built through effective communication, team work, and understanding. Game Design students got the chance to better understand their fellow teammates […]

Georgetown Visit

Game design students got out of the classroom for a fun filled day in Georgetown. Students got to explore the historic city and […]

Game Design Class

As part of the Game Design curriculum, students got first hand experience honing their skills with Unity and creating their own landscapes!