Category: Psychology & Neuroscience


PSYC students perform neurosurgery on a cockroach to be controlled with an app at closing ceremony!

VIDEO | Guest Speaker!

PSYC students had a wonderful guest speaker, Dr. Herbert Geller from the National Institutes of Health come and talk with the students about […]

Commitment in Action!

PSYC students had another leadership session with A’ric, learning about commitment and the actions to take to achieve that!

Neuroscience Lab!

PSYC students have multiple lab throughout the week doing hands-on learning about Neuroscience. This day was Cow Eye dissections!

Psychology Workshops!

PSYC students go through rotations through a series of workshops around different topics in Psychology.

VIDEO | Clinical Diagnostics

PSYC students had to diagnose their TAs by asking educated questions and sending tests to the lab! Check out the video for the […]

Washington at Night!

PSYC students went to the Monuments and Memorials for an NSLC tradition of touring them in the evening!


PSYC students performed neurosurgery on cockroaches to be controlled with an app at closing ceremony! Here are their thoughts on the activity!  

Communication Intensive!

PSYC students had another Leadership session with A’ric where they learned all about communication!

Commitment in Action!

PSYC students had a leadership session led by A’ric where they further their leadership training in discovering what commitment means to them.