Category: Psychology & Neuroscience

Session 2 | Registration Day

The second session of PSYC students arrived today. Welcome to NSLC!

VIDEO | Session 1

Watch as the first session of PSYC students talk about their experience here at NSLC!

VIDEO | Robo Roach

Watch as PSYC students conduct their Robo Roach experiment!

Robo Roach

PSYC students wrangled cockroaches and turned them into robots using microchips!

Neuroscience Lab | Neuroimaging

PSYC students analyzed their own brain waves in today’s neuroscience lab!

University of Maryland | School of Medicine

Pictured: speakers and workshops. Not pictured: cadavers, brains, and all kinds of body parts. PSYC students got quite the hands on learning experience […]

Neuroscience Lab | Neuron Structure

PSYC students learn about neuron structure by hooking up music from their phones to cockroach legs!

Brain Observation

PSYC students observe different types of animal brains during their neuroscience lab.

Registration Day

Welcome to the first session of Psychology & Neuroscience students!