Category: Psychology & Neuroscience

2017 PSYC Staff

VIDEO | National Institutes of Health

Watch as PSYC students describe their experiences while visiting the NIH!

VIDEO | UMD School of Medicine

Watch as PSYC and HEAL students talk about their visit to the University of Maryland School of Medicine!

The Senses

PSYC students put their senses to the test during today’s neuroscience lab!

University of Maryland School of Medicine

PSYC students had the amazing opportunity to visit UMD’s School of Medicine today to learn all about med school, and even gain some […]

Clinical Diagnostics

These future psychologists put their skills to the test today during clinical diagnostics!

National Institutes of Health

PSYC students visited the NIH today, where they heard from a couple different guest speakers and learned about the wide variety of career […]

Commitment in Action

PSYC students made a commitment to bettering themselves as leaders during Commitment in Action!

Challenge Course

PSYC students conquered the challenge course today!

Registration Day

Welcome to NSLC, PSYC students!