Category: High School Programs

Field Trip: International Spy Museum

NSEC students took a trip to the International Spy Museum, where they were given a task to solve as secret agents! Throughout their […]

Field Trip: Shock Trauma Center

Today, MINT students went to The University of Maryland’s Shock Trauma Center, the #1 trauma center in the country! There had the opportunity […]


Students share their experience with the Forensic Science program here at American University!  


FSCI students finally presented their testimonies today at NSLC court. After working in their teams to analyze all evidence from their crime scenes, […]

Washington at Night

PSYC students took to the monuments during Washington at Night. From the Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, MLK Memorial, World War II Memorial, and […]

Pavilion Project

As the program wraps up, ARCH students were able to finish up and present the pavilion project they have been working on for […]

D.C. Design Tour

Architecture students rose bright and early then ventured into Washington.  They animated their adventure with DC Design Tours by integrating their passion for […]

Clinical Rounds

HEAL students experienced a “day in the life” working in the medical field. Today, students participated in a variety of different clinical rounds […]


Forensic Science students transported and examined their fingerprints on different surfaces. Through small groups, they learned about identifying different kinds of evidence and […]

EMT Simulation: Stranger Things Theme

MINT students participated in workshops that prepared them for emergency medical situations. They were surprised with an emergency simulation where their TAs flexed […]