Category: High School Programs

Communication Towers

The Architecture students were put to the test today during the “Communication Towers” activity! In teams, they created towers out of only straws, […]

Welcome Ceremony!

Tonight, the Intelligence & National Security students were welcomed into their program by their Program Director and Team Advisors. The students learned about […]

Surgical Rounds: Part 1

Today, the Medicine & Health Care students learned about hearts, eyes, and airways through up close and personal hands-on activities.  The students got […]

Forensic Skill Lab

Students learned about examining fingerprints, ballistics, blood, anthropology, and digital forensics. They are able to learn about how all of these aspects can […]

Neuroscience Lecture

Today, PSYC students heard from Dr. Lynn, Arneson, a Department of Biology Professor here at American University! Dr. Arneson walked through the different […]

Commitment In Action

Today, MINT students attended a leadership session where they demonstrated just how committed they are to their goals. By participating in ‘Commitment in […]

Learning Architectural Skills

Today, the Architecture students participated in a workshop series led by their TAs in which they learned about different fundamental architecture skills that […]

Guest Speaker: Dr. Nicole Lang

Today, the Medicine & Health Care students heard from Dr. Nicole Lang, M.D. Dr. Lang is the President and CEO of Washington Pediatrics, […]


Today, NSEC students heard from Avril Haines, the Director of National Intelligence. She spoke to the students about different aspects of her position […]


NSEC students took a trip to the National Air & Space Museum today, where they learned about the history behind aeronautics and important […]