Category: High School Programs

Medicine Intensive Recap!

From EMT training to patient diagnostics, MINT students gained practical skills in the field of medicine through their 18-day program! They heard from […]

Guest Speaker: Dr. Sean Conley, DO

Dr. Sean Conley met MINT students yesterday and talked to them about his experience as a Military Physician leading up to his position […]

Guest Speaker: Bear Atwood

POLI students met guest speaker Bear Atwood, who is the Vice President of the National Organization for Women. She talked about what her […]


COMM students traveled through the history of film at the American Film Institute (AFI). ┬áThe goal of this activity was to expose students […]


HEAL students learned about how EMTs respond in emergency situations, practicing with c-collars, EMT bags, and tracheal intubation. These workshops allowed students to […]

Primary Debate

POLI students put in a lot of work to prepare their candidates for the Presidential Debate today! Each candidate debated on different topics […]

Clinical Diagnostics

PSYC students are brainstorming in their small groups to come to a diagnosis for their patients. Over the week, students have participated in […]

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell

BIOT students created dye-sensitized solar cells and powered them with solar energy! They learned more about renewable energy sources and simple methods to […]

Forensic Skills

FSCI students learn different forensic skills for their upcoming crime scene simulations to solve. In order to solve them, they must know how […]

Film Workshops

COMM students are gaining a lot of experience in filming, editing, and practicing how to take shots on the camera! By working in […]