Category: Law and Advocacy

Washington at Night

The NSLCLAWA students tour Washington D.C. at night.

Challenge Course

The NSLCLAWA students bond on the challenge course.  

Guest Speaker | Mr. Stanley Meiburg

LAWA students had the pleasure of hearing from Mr. Stanley Meiburg, Acting Deputy Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Guest Speaker: Magistrate Judge Alan Kay

The NSLCLAWA students listen to guest speaker: Magistrate Judge Alan Kay District of Columbia U.S. District Court.

American University College of Law

The NSLCLAWA students visit the American University College of Law.

Strategy Session

The NSLCLAWA students are given their case and begin to prepare their arguments.

Trial Section

The NSLCLAWA students look over the evidence in their case files and discuss possible objections that may arise during trial.      

Trivia Night

The NSLCLAWA students start off their session with some friendly competition!    

Welcome to NSLC!

Happy registration day to all the new NSLCLAWA students!