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A "Monumental" Attack

by Kevin Michael Ellis

Students Interviewing Students

by Kevin Ellis A true strength of a human being is his or hers willingness to admit a weakness. Through honesty and self […]

Freedom Gives Us Identity

Preparing to Shoot

Hope Restle Interview

written by Shelby Dolen Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Charleston are all big cities Hope Restle has traveled to and loved.  It […]

History Rap

Students Interviewing Students

As part of the Journalism and Mass Communication curriculum, students learn the Art of the Interview. Here is some of their work:   […]

Alumni COMM Staff Speaks Out

Alumni Staff of the Journalism and Mass Communication program came back to speak to students about their experiences in the workplace, and how […]

Welcome to American University   The NSLC Summer Staff at American University has begun its summer. Over the course of three days, staff went through extensive […]