Category: Intelligence & National Security

Washington at Night!

NSEC students had an awesome time exploring the monuments and memorials at night, an NSLC tradition!

National Security Council

Intelligence & National Security students tackled international relations during National Security Council this morning!

Challenge Course!

NSEC students had a chance to team bond and fly high in the challenge course!

Session 2 Recap!

NSEC students had an amazing past six days. As the session came to a close, they reflected on their experience.

National Security Council

NSEC students act as directors of departments on the National Security Council and tackle threats to our National Security in this collaborative and […]

Washington at Night!

NSEC students explored and admired the historic Monuments and Memorials this evening.

National Security Council

NSEC students had their first official meeting of the National Security Council simulation.

Challenge Course

NSEC students learned some team bonding while flying high through the challenge course this morning!


NSEC students arrived and kicked off the session!

Session One Recap

NSEC students had their closing ceremony, and reflected on the past six days.