Category: Forensic Science

VIDEO | Commitment in Action Leadership Session

Watch as the FSCI students look back at their leadership sessions from this week!

Guest Speaker Mrs. Kia Kirkland Buchanan

Today, the FSCI students had the opportunity to hear from Mrs. Kia Kirkland Buchanan, a Pathologist’s Assistant at Johns Hopkins Hospital!

The Art of Negotiation Leadership Session

FSCI students had their Art of Negotiation Leadership Session with special guest speaker Dr. Paul Lisnek!

VIDEO | Crime Scene Simulation

Watch as the FSCI students reflect on their Crime Scene Simulation experience!

Crime Scene Simulation

FSCI students investigated “crime scenes” located around campus which they will analyze throughout the session!

Forensic Skills

FSCI students learn to master different forensic skills in preparation for their crime scene simulation later this week!

Commitment in Action

Today, the FSCI students committed to being better leaders!  

Registration Day!

Today we welcomed the final session of FSCI students to AU!

Departure Day

Take a look back at FSCI Session 3 highlights!

VIDEO | Guest Speakers Stephanie Handel and Daniel Morgan

FSCI students heard from Stephanie Handel (RECOVER Program Director) and Daniel Morgan (Supervisory Medicolegal Investigator) about their careers!