Category: Forensic Science

Guest Speaker

Forensic Science heard from guest speaker Dr. Jennifer Smith today!

Forensic Skills

Watch Forensic Science students explore different investigative techniques during Forensic Skills!

Guest Speaker

Forensic Science students heard from Ms. Caitlin Udas, a medical examiner and an alumni of NSLC herself!

Commitment in Action

Forensic Science students moved and grooved during Commitment in Action!

Conflict Resolution

Students in the Forensic Science program resolved conflicts and worked together the make a human machine during a leadership session today!

Blood Spatter Analysis

Students in Forensic Science created their own blood spatters during Forensic SKills #1 today!


Court is now in session! Watch as Forensic Science students determine verdicts based on suspects formed during crime scenes.

Commitment in Action

Forensic Science students moved and grooved to the beat during Commitment in Action today!

Active Investigation 2

Forensic science students are on the case, analyzing evidence from crime scenes!

Active Investigation!

FSCI students gathered what evidence they had and tried to crack the cases for the live crime scenes they had earlier this week!