Category: Forensic Science

Challenge Course

FSCI students sharpened their leadership and communication skills at the challenge course!

Registration Day

Today, we welcomed the first group of FSCI students. We are so excited to have them here at the NSLC!

2016 FSCI Staff

VIDEO | Session 3

Watch as session 3 FSCI students reflect on their time here at NSLC!

Final Presentations

FSCI students presented their cases regarding the crime scenes they investigated earlier this week.

Guest Speaker | Dr. Jan Gorniak

FSCI students had the pleasure of hearing from Dr. Jan Gorniak, Deputy Cheif Medical Examiner of Washington, D.C.

Forensic Skills | Forensic Pathology

FSCI students extract their DNA during theĀ Forensic Pathology workshop.

Forensic Skills | Forensic Biology

FSCI students learn about Forensic Biology.

VIDEO | Forensic Skills

Watch as FSCI students talk about some of their favorite forensic skills workshops.

Forensic Skills | Ballistics & Trajectories

FSCI students learned how to determine the origin of a shooter during their Ballistics and Trajectories workshop.