Category: Aerospace

Video | Design Competition

NSLC AERO students worked throughout the session to build their own drone for the Design Competition.

Conflict Resolution

NSLC AERO students were given multiple different scenarios to try and use their teamwork skills to work through. Click on any of the […]

Drone Workshop

Teams of NSLC AERO students continue to work on building their own drones. Click on any of the photos below to view more.

Interpersonal Communication

NSLCAERO students met with Leadership Facilitator Dennard Mitchell about interpersonal communication and how sometimes the answer is right in front of them. Click […]

Wind Turbines

NSLC AERO students created their very own wind turbines from material like cardboard, plastic cups, and tape. They were budgeted, however could apply […]

VIDEO | Catapult Launch

  AERO students had the opportunity to use what they have learned to create and test their own miniature catapults.


Yesterday, students completed their orientation across all programs. Click on any photo to see a little more of how it went!