Category: Engineering

Major General Mark Yenter

Engineering students had the opportunity to listen to Major General Mark Yenter, Deputy Commanding General for Military and International Operations and the Army Corps […]

Sea Perch Testing

Students put the finishing touches on their Sea Perch. A Sea Perch is a remotely operated vehicle that students operate in a pool. […]

Lockheed Martin

Engineering students had the chance to tour one of the nation’s premiere global security and aerospace companies, Lockheed Martin. Engineering students Elise Flick and […]

Trebuchet Build and Competition

Engineering students spent the morning building trebuchets. Normally, trebuchets are built with a spring mechanisim inside to help propel an object forward. Instead, […]

Lockheed Martin

The Engineering students got the chance to tour Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company. There, they got a first hand account […]

Engineering Rotations

With the Engineering program in full swing, students got the chance to hone their soldering and coding skills.    

Registration Day!

It’s finally registration day and we are so excited to welcome the first group of ENGN students!    

2016 ENGN Staff

Sea Perch Competition

The NSLCENGN students test their water robots and compete with one another in a series of challenges.

Guest Speaker: Mr. Mike Razavi

The NSLCENGN students listen to guest speaker, Mr. Mike Razavi from the Office of Innovation Development, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.