Category: Engineering

Major General Mark Yenter

Major General Mark Yenter,¬†Deputy Commanding General for Military and International Operations, Army Corps of Engineers, spoke with ENGN students today about his experiences […]

Casino Night

ENGN students took a break from building their Sea Perch robots to have a little fun with INTL and HEAL students at Casino […]

Project Work Time

With the Sea Perch competition only a few days away, ENGN students were hard at work building their models so that they will […]

Trebuchet Build and Competition

ENGN students put their minds to work in order to build effective trebuchets capable of throwing a tennis ball the longest distance.

Video | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Watch as ENGN students talk about their experiences at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.  

Engineering Rotations

ENGN students got to practice their soldering skills while in their Engineering rotations!  


Houston we have lift off! Engineering students had the chance to tour the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center where they learned about the […]

Registration Day!

Welcome to NSLC ENGN Session II students! We are so excited to have you here!

Engineering’s Departure Day

Today we said good-bye to Session I Engineering’s students. We are so proud of everything they accomplished during NSLC 2016! Here’s a look […]

Sea Perch Competition

Watch as Engineering students tell us more abour their time competing with their robots during the Sea Perch Competition.