Category: Engineering

VIDEO | Leadership

Watch as ENGN students recall their experiences from Session 2!

VIDEO | Engineering Session 2 Recap

Watch as ENGN students recount their favorite activities from the week!

Sea Perch Competition

The ENGN students held a water competition with robots they designed and built!

Guest Speaker Dr. Alton D. Romig

Today, the ENGN students had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Alton D. Romig, Executive Officer of the National Academy of Engineering!

Whistleblower Leadership Session

In this leadership session, the ENGN students looked at ethics both personally and within the field of engineering!

Dulles Airport AviationTour

Today, the ENGN students got a behind-the-scenes aviation tour of Dulles International Airport!

Community Build

The ENGN students worked on building better communities with this leadership session!

Trebuchet Competition

Today, the ENGN students built trebuchets and competed for distance!

Engineering Rotation

Today, the ENGN students had their first Engineering Rotations where they learned about different fields within engineering.

Registration Day!

Welcome to Session 2 ENGN students! We’re glad to have you here in D.C.!