Category: Engineering

Departure Day

Here’s a few memories from ENGN Session 3!

VIDEO | Session 3 Recap

Watch as ENGN students remember Session 3!

Dulles Airport Tour

This week, ENGN students had to opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour of Dulles Airport!

Land and Sea Competition

ENGN students raced the robots they built this week in competitions both on land and in water!

Sea Perch Testing

Today, ENGN students tested their Sea Perch robots in preparation for their upcoming competition!

Commitment in Action

ENGN students committed to be better leaders during this session!

VIDEO | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The ENGN students toured NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center this week!

Lockheed Martin

Today, the ENGN students toured Lockheed Martin, an aerospace and defense company!

NASA Goddard

Today, the ENGN students took a tour of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center!

Registration Day

The final group of ENGN students arrived here at NSLC today!