Category: Engineering

Communication Towers

The Engineering students put their skills to the test building communication towers with their groups! To see more from the ENGN program, click […]

RC Car Competition

Vroom vroom! Engineering students built RC Cars and competed in a challenge course today. Watch the action below:

Team Build Challenge

Watch Engineering students share their thoughts on the Team Build Challenge!

Team Build Challenge

Engineering students designed a device to aid a child who doesn’t have the use of his dominant hand.

Washington at Night

Engineering students had a great time trying to hold the Washington Monument in these pictures!

Commitment in Action

Engineering students had a great time doing Commitment in Action today!

Personality Matrix

Engineering students learned about aspects of their personality during Personality Matrix this morning!

Sea Perch Competition

Engineering students had their sea perch competition today. Watch some of their machines come to life underwater!

Trivia Night

Engineering students ended a long day with Trivia Night, answering questions about various topics relating to engineering!

Trebuchet Project & Competition

Engineering students created trebuchets and launched tennis balls this morning!