Category: Biotechnology


Through an engaging lab on CRISPR, students in the Biotechnology program at NSLC delve into the cutting-edge field of genetic engineering. Under the […]

Let’s get into it!

Students in the NSLC Biotech program explore the intriguing field of molecular biology through a practical lab on gel electrophoresis. Along with this, […]

Myoelectric (my-own-electric) Arm

Today the students participated in the Myoelectric Arm activity! This interactive session gave students valuable insights into the intersection of biotechnology and prosthetics, […]


Today, NSLC students engage in a diverse range of activities and experiments. They explore bread boarding to understand electrical circuitry principles, participate in […]


The NSLC students participating in the Biotechnology program delve into the fascinating world of PCR testing, utilizing this technique to amplify specific DNA […]

PSYC, BIOT, & FSCI Programs Opening Ceremony

This evening, the Psychology & Neuroscience, Biotechnology, and Forensic Science students came together for their opening ceremony.¬†They received introductions from Site Director Patty […]

Biotechnology Lab

Today BIOT students were able to do some more pipetting exercises and continue their lab dish experiment which they will be able to […]

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell

BIOT students created dye-sensitized solar cells and powered them with solar energy! They learned more about renewable energy sources and simple methods to […]

Myoelectric Arm

BIOT students gained hands-on (arms-on?) experience building and powering a Myoelectric arm, using electric power from their own arms! They wrote the code […]

Product Pitch Brainstorming

Students in the Biotechnology program grouped up and began brainstorming and researching for their upcoming product pitch that they’ll be working on throughout […]