Month: July 2023

Lecture: Dr. Alexandre Kisner

The students in the Psychology & Neuroscience program attended a lecture by Dr. Alexandre Kisner, a renowned professor from American University. Dr. Kisner’s […]

Neuroscience Dissection

In Psychology & Neuroscience the students participated in a dissection lab. They explored the structures and functions of the visual system by dissecting […]

Clinical Diagnostics

In the summer Nursing program, the students participated in a realistic simulation where Team Advisors & Assistant Team Advisors portrayed as patients, providing […]

Guest Speaker: Dr. Sarah Vittone

In the Medical program, the students had the privilege of being lectured by Dr. Sarah Vittone, an esteemed guest speaker and Assistant Professor […]


Students in the Medicine & Health Care program engaged in a hands-on pharmacology activity that involved practicing needle usage and injections on artificial […]

Health Mobility

Students in the Medicine & Health Care program brought the action with their skills in mobility. This lesson was to teach the students […]


Students in the NSLC Forensic program immerse themselves in a comprehensive learning environment that covers many facets of the discipline. They gain a […]


At the University of Maryland, the Medicine Intensive students go out on a thrilling rope course expedition where they develop their collaboration and […]

Program Ceremonies

The students from all the programs held their ceremonies tonight. They were told to dress professionally before attending the ceremony. This was an […]

Session Three Has Begun!

Students arrived to American University for the start of session three of NSLC with programs from Nursing, Medicine Intensive, Medicine & Health Care, […]