In anticipation of human eye dissections in medical school, nursing students had a chance to dissect a cow’s eye. The students began by removing the lens of the eye. The lens covers all of the liquids and soft parts of the eyes. Once the lens was removed students were able to explore the fleshy parts of the eye. This area is what’s most similar to a human’s anatomy.

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NURS2021_AU_S5_EYE_Dissection- [Citarella] 01_4 (2)

NURS2021_AU_S5_EYE_Dissection- [Citarella] 01_6

NURS2021_AU_S5_EYE_Dissection- [Citarella] 01_6 (5)

NURS2021_AU_S5_EYE_Dissection- [Citarella] 01_3 (8)

NURS2021_AU_S5_EYE_Dissection- [Citarella] 01_4 (7)



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