Earlier, political action and public policy students gathered to vote on public policy. Because this is a simulation, students attended as members of the democratic and republican parties. The chair of the committee held informal dialogues between parties. Since the wave of votes is highly contested, students will learn the results at a later time.

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POLI2021_AU_S2_Senate_Meeting - [Citarella] 02_1 (3)

POLI2021_AU_S2_Senate_Meeting - [Citarella] 02_8 (4)

POLI2021_AU_S2_Senate_Meeting - [Citarella] 02_1 (1)

POLI2021_AU_S2_Senate_Meeting - [Citarella] 02_3 (4)

POLI2021_AU_S2_Senate_Meeting - [Citarella] 02_3 (1)


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