Media and politics have cross-pollinated in recent years to create new hybrid content. The word content itself has changed- as Martin Scorsese says in his Harper Magazine essay, II Maestro, “Content became a business term…” The business, and frankly, the politics of content. It has become what can gain the most eyes and be most controversial. The dialogue between students tonight was an outcry. The consensus was that social media companies should take responsibility for their users- this raised debates as to whether a user should be banned from all social media if banned from one. Of course, the conversation turned to whether a ban across the board would infringe on civil liberties. 


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POLI2021_AU_S2_Media_Politics - [Citarella] 02_7 (1)

POLI2021_AU_S2_Media_Politics - [Citarella] 02_1

POLI2021_AU_S2_Media_Politics - [Citarella] 02_5 (3)

POLI2021_AU_S2_Media_Politics - [Citarella] 02_9 (2)

POLI2021_AU_S2_Media_Politics - [Citarella] 02_1 (4)


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